NFTs and Jewelry


I took a longer than normal bicycle ride today. My girlfriend is recovering from her covid shot, so I brought her some food. The ride out I was talking with my mom about circumstances and plans for moving and what to do with their house.

On the way back home I had the chance to let my mind just wander, which I guess I haven’t had enough of lately. It’s one of the reasons I like riding a bike, in cities in particular. Most people find it stressful and hectic to navigate through city traffic, but I find it rather zen and hypnotic; calming. My mind focuses on the traffic.

As my mind wandered while stopped at a red light, I began thinking about marriage. Not so much for me in particular, but just the process. If I’m honest, I was thinking about the legal aspect of it, and how it might make things easier for me and my girlfriend when dealing with things like visas and residence status.

Thinking about the pragmatics of marriage, I began thinking about the legal verification process. Marriage is an interesting process for verifying your status. An expensive ring and official government paperwork seem to be the main forms of verification.

(unfinished, but you get the idea.. :)