Another long break, life moves along


Seems work keeps me busy, as I’m not starting a bit of a break from work. My last update was at the beginning of my break leaving Japan and spending time in Hawai’i.

The crypto market has been brutal, I guess I was hoping for a bounce that never came; I think many people were sharing a similar sentiment, unfortunately.

Work has been decent, all things considered. My next big goal is to start building my own crypto business service, although I haven’t put much time into considering what that will look like. I think it might need to be a bit of building the car while on the road.

So far my ideas have been some combination:
*General assistance and crypto “coaching”
*Fund security and recovery services
*Biz consulting and payment implementation
*Regulation advising and advocacy
*Market insight writing

Not an exhaustive list. I should elaborate on each of these so I actually know what they mean next time I look at this list.

I think market adoption is generally trending in the right direction, as expected. However, price sentiment is obviously not ideal. This is actually a great buying range, for those with cash on the side. I do think there could still be more downside at this point, but I also think we might get a quicker bounce back than most people expect, simply for the reason that sentiment overwhelmingly seems to be bearish; I tend to thing when there’s that much agreement on market direction, that’s when you’re gonna see people get rekt in the wrong direction.

I’ve been playing with an idea writing an article along the lines of “If Bitcoin didn’t have a dollar value, would you still crypto?”

Over and out for now; would like to update more frequently. :)

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