Installing Proton VPN CLI


This article did a pretty good job:
Proton’s guide for installing their CLI:


I just installed the .deb with the GUI installer. Then proceeded to:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install protonvpn-cli

From there, it’s a matter of logging in:
protonvpn-cli login <username>

Enter. Then provide the password, when prompted.

I saw a GUI keychain manager popup, but I just cancelled. I guess that’s the OS offering to store the authentication info?

One the authentication is successful, to connect:
protonvpn-cli c

After choosing my server, unfortunately, I was met with:

An unknown error has occurred. Please ensure that you have internet connectivity. If the issue persists, please contact support.

The tutorial above also mentioned this. In their experience, rebooting the system was enough to resolve the issue. But I’m not clear if that’s for Ubuntu or Rasberry Pi.

I have yet to try the reboot, so I have everything installed and in place, but don’t yet have a working VPN connection.